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Maxpedition Tactical Rolling

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Maxpedition - Equipaggiamento tattico

Maxpedition Tactical Rolling Carry-On Luggage Color: Black

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Maxpedition Tactical Rolling Carry-On Luggage Color: Black
  • Weight (grams) 4082

Founded in 2003, Maxpedition® successfully optimized the design ethos of American military-grade MOLLE gear to suit the needs of everyday life and popularized its functionality to a global audience. Often imitated but never equaled, genuine Maxpedition gear is the benchmark against which others are compared, and it is trusted by special forces operators, law enforcement officers, adventure travelers and prepared citizens around the world.

Innovative from the start, Maxpedition gained a competitive edge in its early years by creating bags and packs with superior durability and ergonomics, such as the Versipack® and Gearslinger® series. Our first customers were United States armed forces and SWAT personnel seeking durable kit for surviving the most extreme of situations.  As our reputation among professionals solidified, the emergency preparedness and concealed carry markets quickly caught on, also selecting Maxpedition products as their preferred EDC (Every Day Carry) and survival gear.

In 2016 and 2017, Maxpedition launched then expanded its revolutionary Advanced Gear Research™ (AGR™) line, leveraging new technologies, proprietary materials, and custom-fabricated components to create a product range unlike any other.

While already the leader in our market space, Maxpedition is committed to improvement, optimizing ergonomics, creating user-friendly designs, fine-tuning construction methods, refining aesthetics, using the highest quality materials and world-class craftsmanship.

Most importantly, we realize we are only able to be here because our customers' support.  As such, we are always listening to and acting upon our customer's feedback, incorporating their user experience into our product designs and business processes to best fulfill their needs.

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Maxpedition Tactical Rolling

Maxpedition Tactical Rolling

Maxpedition Tactical Rolling Carry-On Luggage Color: Black

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