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  • Book Blue Book of Gun Values. 33rd Edition by S. P. Fjestad. Includes accurate information and updated values for both antique and modern firearms. The industry standard "Bible" for the firearms...

    56,29 €

  • The Gun Trader’s Guide to Coll Book

    36,00 €

  • Book What to Do When the Shit Hits the Fan by Dave Black. Addresses emergency situations such as terrorist attack, fire, flood, tornado, winter storm, hurricane, landslide, earthquake, drought,...

    15,56 €

  • Book Tracking and Reading Sign A Guide to Mastering the Original Forensic Science by Len McDougall. A basic introduction to help spot and analyze tracks, prints, gaits, scats, scents, and animal...

    30,00 €

  • Book Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment. A training manual that was printed in 1970 and distributed by the Department of the Army. Includes valuable information on all types of clothing and...

    4,50 €

  • Book Military Mountaineering Training for Combat. A training manual that was printed in 1976 and distributed by the Department of the Army. Includes information on: Terrain, Climate, and Weathe

    10,00 €

  • Book Aircraft Survival Department of the Air Force. Printed in 1985. Sections include: Search and Rescu

    6,00 €

  • Book Water Survival Training Department of the Army. Printed in 1981. Contains valuable information, survival techniques, and training exercises. 36 page softcover

    5,50 €

  • Book The United States Army Marksmanship Unit - Shooting Team - International Rifle Marksmanship Guide. Sections include: Shooting Equipmen

    10,00 €

  • Book IGFA's 101 Freshwater Fishing Tips and Tricks - Professional Advice for Catching More and Bigger Fish. By Bill Dance. Illustrated by Rob Walinchus. 154 page pocket size paperback. Features...

    12,94 €

  • Book Boone and Crockett Club's 27th Big Game Awards 2007-2009. Edited by Eldon L. Buck Buckner, Jack Reneau and Justin Spring. 686 page paperback. Includes 98 award-winning, interesting and unique...

    32,00 €

  • Book Gun Trader's Guide. 32nd Edition. 608 page paperback. A complete, fully-illustrated guide to modern firearms with current market values

    33,75 €

  • Book Roland Martin's 101 Bass Catching Secrets. 429 page paperback. Includes 5 sections: Bass behavior

    14,95 €

  • Book Soldier's Handbook for Individual Operations and Survival in Cold Weather Areas. A training manual that was printed in 1986 and distributed by the U.S. Department of the Army. Includes...

    5,50 €

  • Books Wilderness First Aid Handbook. by Grant S. Lipman, MD. Covers everything from basic assessment and CPR procedures to major trauma and emergency evacuation. An important resource for those...

    19,50 €

  • Ruana Book Hear the Hammer. The Story of Montana's Ruana Knives - Rudolph Rudy H. Ruana, 1903-1986. Includes customer comments, technical information, historical price lists, and many black and...

    34,50 €